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You may have dated people with strange habits or a weird behaviour that left you asking yourself "What in the world is wrong with him/her"?Perhaps, the person you are going out with right now may be someone interested in the workout lifestyle, or they can be one of those crazy .

The dating site OKCupid also found that vegetarians prefer giving oral sex. Chances are that if they’re passionate about their cause, they’ll be passionate about you.I had plenty of time to watch, having dropped out of college and been fired from a series of flathead jobs, including two at which I actually volunteered.And so that January, I did what middle-class kids do when life gets bored of beating them senseless – ran, hat in hand, back to college.Would you rather split the bill with someone who’s ordered a lobster bisque and beef tenderloin, or pea soup and falafel burger?Sure, finding a place with a vegan- friendly menu can be tricky – but you’ll win so many bonus points if you do.

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