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But the best is her Jurassic Park velociraptor: She curls her fingers into claws, hunches and does a Wookiee-like growl: “Hrrrrlll!

” It’s all very charming -- Celine Dion told Grande she “peed” watching her re-create her signature chest pound for Fallon -- but Grande’s skill for mimicry doesn’t make it any easier to suss out her true self.

Police said an employee at the office had called them about the suspect because she was trying to use a suspicious credit card and had cheated the business in the past. The officers are not injured, but police said they were fortunate, adding the officers showed a great deal of restraint in not firing their weapons.

That album, though slightly unfocused in its blend of doo-wop, R&B, and teen pop, laid the groundwork for Grande to inevitably graduate from doe-eyed school girl to a semi-convincing Jessica Rabbit.

She hit the stage clad in a bejeweled bikini that would make Teela and Madonna proud, paired with knee high Wonder Woman boots and wrist bands.

She owned the stage with her biggest hits, including “Womanizer,” a cover of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” followed by the deep cut “Breathe on Me," and earned the biggest roars with “Slave 4 U” and “Toxic." Of course, Spears was not just on hand to wow the masses with her medley, but also to receive the Billboard Millennium Award, which Billboard says is intended to “honor artists with exceptional achievements and influence in the music industry,” but is really just to give us all an excuse to bask in the glory of Britney.

It just shows you that a simple call can turn into something where you are forced to make a split second decision.

“It’s not like we were investigating a homicide or did not know what type of crime was being committed.

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